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Breakfast Club Quotes

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The Breakfast Club Characters

Written and directed by John Hughes

* Emilio Estevez - Andrew 'Andy' Clark
* Anthony Michael Hall - Brian Ralph Johnson
* Judd Nelson - John Bender
* Molly Ringwald - Claire Standish
* Ally Sheedy - Allison Reynolds
* Paul Gleason - Vice Principal Richard Vernon
* John Kapelos - Carl the Janitor
of this institution, my friends!"

Bender: The criminal.
Became a Breakfast Club member for pulling a false fire alarm.

Andrew: The jock.
Made the Breakfast Club by taping Larry Lester's buns together.

Brian: The geek. Brought a flare gun to school and was sent to the Breakfast Club.

Claire: The popular girl. Was part of the Breakfast Club for skipping class to go to the mall.

Allison: The outcast. A Breakfast Club member because she had nothing better to do.

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